The Composite Index and How it Relates to Solar Development in Virginia, Part Two:

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Bureaucratic bookkeeping may inadvertently grind Virginia solar development to a halt.  The State government is assessing this issue, and we understand the state will issue a decision in due course.  The following is the second of three installments highlighting SolUnesco’s research on the Virginia Composite Index and its impact on solar electric generation.   To download our complete findings, click here HOW IS SOLAR TAXED? Covered in Part One of this series, the Composite Index (CI) may ignore the solar tax exemption

Are Solar and Electric Utilities Really Cooperating?

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Renewable energy can drive enormous job growth, and local investment, with some reports estimating that it will generate over 55,000 additional job-years worked right here in Virginia by 2030.  The key to tapping this potential is integrating new sources of energy into the existing electric grid. Since the grid is heavily regulated, this means finding policy solutions that give new sources of energy the space they need to grow. That is why many in the solar industry strongly advocate for

SolUnesco Talks Solar Policy and Growth in Virginia

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On Wednesday we presented at the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers (VAAO) Property Assessment Conference (Click here to download presentation). The association and their conferences provide continuing education to the Virginia community of assessors. We believe that maintaining a healthy dialogue with the professionals who determine land values for the purpose of tax assessments serves the solar industry well. Francis Hodsoll, CEO, presented on policies driving national solar markets and their application to the Virginia framework. He also explained the tremendous

The Solar Value Chain: a Study in Competitive Destruction

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SolUnesco presented at the New York InfoCast Energy Project Finance conference December 10th. Our presentation the Economics of Renewable Energy Business Models focused on the trends impacting margins along the value chain.  If you have earned a living in solar for more than a few years, you have seen innovation, unsustainable margins and then dramatic margin compression.  I don’t think anyone is surprised given low barriers to entry and generally commodity like products and services. The presentation (click here) makes


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Last week, UVA Professor William Shobe, Ph.D. released a report that assessed the methodologies, assumptions and conclusions in a report critical of the Clean Power Plan. Virginia’s Center for Coal and Energy Research (CCER) produced a report as part of the Governor’s Energy Plan that concluded that a large amount of money would be needed to change the energy infrastructure in Virginia to comply with the Clean Power Plan, and the consequences of this change would be negative. In his