SolUnesco is seeking to lease or purchase a minimum of 10 acres of open property in Virginia for the purpose of building solar generation projects


Key Elements of Program
  • Twenty-five-year leases or purchase at above market values with an inflation escalator.
  • Leased land will be returned to its original condition at the end of the lease
  • We will assume all risks and development costs for the solar generation project. ┬áThe landowner will only be responsible for their own legal fees in negotiating the lease or purchase.
  • Power produced by the facility will be sold to the local electric utility, cooperative, or municipal utility, or sold at wholesale directly to the grid.
  • There may be an opportunity for individual homeowners to purchase power from these facilities as well.
Benefits to the Landowner
  • Guaranteed revenue for 25 years
  • Economic growth and job creation for local economy
  • Power purchased from facility is at guaranteed rate as hedge against volatility in electricity prices
  • Participation in an emerging technology
  • Benefits to the environment through emission reductions
  • SolUnesco Landowner Brochure

    SEIA Guide to Land Leases