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Do You Have A Potential Solar Site?

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Personal Benefits of Hosting a Solar Site

  • More money in your pocket – significant increase in lease rates or purchase price overtraditional land uses
  • Cash up front during the development phase
  • Guaranteed revenue for twenty to thirty-five or more years for a lease
  • Land and vegetation professionally maintained for life of project
  • Guarantees to return the land to original conditions or better
  • A quiet and low to no impact neighbor in your community
  • Minimal to no impact on county services during operation.
  • Economic growth and job creation for local economy
  • Participation in an emerging technology
  • Environmental benefits through reduced emissions

Working with us

  • Twenty to thirty-five or more year leases with an inflation escalator or purchase at above
    market values. Leased land will be returned to its original condition at the end of the
  • We will assume all risks and development costs for the solar generation project. The
    landowner will only be responsible for their own legal fees in negotiating the lease or
  • We work with closely with the landowner and surrounding community while obtaining
    local permits.
  • Power produced by the facility will be sold to the local electric utility, cooperative, or
    municipal utility, or sold at wholesale directly to the grid.

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What Our Landowners Say

“With my project, county permitting had its challenges. SolUnesco left no stone unturned in engaging and educating community stakeholders. It was the key to our success.”

Jay Meadows • Orange County

“Solar is a new development type in Greensville County. The SolUnesco team has gone above and beyond in spending significant time here in the community to help us better understand and be supportive of this industry.”

Dane Little • Greensville County

“I am partnered with SolUnesco in developing three of my properties into solar projects. These guys are straight dealers and – working with them is a pleasure.”

JA Devin • Mecklenburg County