Project Description

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Meherrin Solar

  • July 2016, SolUnesco secured site control of 758 acres. The preliminary design for the site layout utilized approximately 400 acres of the 758 acres. Revised designs for permit utilized a total of 478 acres of the 846 acres controlled after additional land was secured.
  • In December of 2016, SolUnesco sold the project rights to Brookfield and executed a Development Services Agreement. SolUnesco retains day-to-day project development responsibilities including landowner relations, community relations, site diligence, local permitting, support of the interconnection process, and support for commercial offtake agreements.
  • The project will interconnect to a 115kV Dominion owned transmission line. SolUnesco entered Meherrin into the PJM queue with positions AB1-173, AB1-173A & AB1-031 for an aggregate capacity of 60MWac.  Once complete this project will provide power to the wholesale electricity grid and either sell directly to a large customer, the utility, or the utility may purchase the project adding this competitive, fixed priced power to their portfolio of power generation.
  • This project has achieved full site control, both for the project property and for a transmission easement through neighboring property.


  • Interconnection: The project has completed the PJM interconnection study process and an Interconnection Services Agreement was executed with Dominion on 2/08/2019.
  • Permitting: On October 19, 2018, the Greensville County Board of
    Supervisors approved a Special Use Permit for this project. Field surveys for Project Virginia DEQ Permit by Rule permit are in progress.
  • Site Diligence: Desktop analyses on the project site: 1) Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) cultural resources database search; 2) Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) database searches for the presence of Rare, Threatened or Endangered (RTE) species within a 2- mile radius of the project; and 3) compile database information for topography, wetlands, National Hydrography Dataset, soils, etc. We have also completed a title search for all relevant property, Phase 1 ESA, Wetlands delineation

Project Details


60 MWac


Greensville County, VA